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Alcohol Licensing Floor Plan

Alcohol Licensing Floor Plan

Viewing a premises layout for alcohol license application purpose, licensing floor plan enables the local council to understand the alcohol activities areas within a premise according to the Licensing Act 2003. One of the important aspects of Alcohol Licensing Floor Plan that authorises the license holder to carry out alcohol related activities including sale of alcohol and supply of alcohol.

Smart Property Service Ltd have designed numerous Alcohol Licensing Floor Plans since 2010 and help many business owners to achieved the Premises Licenses.

Alcohol Lease Floor Plan London

Requirements of Alcohol licensing floor plans:

Underlined are the requirements of floor plans to be submitted:

  • Floor plans need to be submitted on scale of 1:100
  • Floor plans must have proposed licensed areas outlined clearly (internally & externally).
  • Must clearly show alcohol display area and consumption area.
  • Fire exit escape routes.
  • Location & height of stage
  • Fixed furnishings to restrict the fire exit route.
  • Location and type of fire fitting equipment.
  • Location of CCTV cameras.
  • All the ancillary areas that you wish to license such as hallways, washrooms, stairwells etc. need to be outlined clearly even if they are not meant to increase the capacity.

Premises License Floor Plans

Capacity calculations:

  • A separate capacity is needed for each proposed area except the ancillary areas
  • Usually three methods are used to assign a capacity to premises:
    • Building department assigns the capacity
    • Fire departments assigns the capacity
    • A professional engineer or an architect assigning the capacity
  • If neither the fire department nor building department assigns the capacity to proposed licensed areas; premises license floor plans must be submitted showing capacity calculations done by professional engineer or an architect in accordance with the Liquor License Act regulations. The said plans should be signed and stamped by professional engineer or architect
  • Licensed areas need to be separated from unlicensed areas via partition or wall of minimum 0.9 meters in height

Below premises require Premises License Floor Plan as a part of their application:

Restaurants serving alcohol.

Pubs & bars serving alcohol.
Hotels & bars.
Any event venues serving alcohol.

Wedding venues.

Cost of Alcohol Licensing Floor Plan

Alcohol licensing floor plan cost is depending on size of property, location, type of building and complexity. Our standard licensing floor plans quotation start from £199 no vat.

We are always there to facilitate you in this regard. Feel free to contact us on 07860540077 or email us on info@theleasefloorplan.co.uk and allow us to help you at our best.       

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