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Land Registry Lease Plan

Land Registry Lease Plan

A lease plan is a precise drawing identifying the leasehold demise that is accessible within a property. It does not matter if you are looking forward to assign a new lease or selling existing lease of property now it should be registry with Land Registry, you should get in touch with us for free quotation for Land Registry Lease Plan. You will easily find the Land Registry Lease Plan for your residential or commercial property on land registry documents.

Lease Plan in London

We provide comprehensive lease plan in London according to the land registry requirements on scale page either 1:100 or 1:200 which will include the property outlines in Red Color, shared area emphasized with Green Color, north direction and ordnance survey location must be on scale of 1:1250. This lease plan in London is needed for a number of reasons. However, some prominent ones are as follows:

  • When one needs a new lease of 7 years or more
  • Whenever a lease holds property is sold and there are at least 7 or more years are remaining
  • When a land forming of a registered title is sold or the one which was previously unregistered property is sold
  • Existing title is splatted in to two or more than two parts
  • Whenever a property’s demise is changed; such as if a flat is being built in to a basement or some extension is being added.

Land Registry Compliant Lease Plans

It has been since 2002 that following guidelines must be followed to comply with the land registry authorities. If you are submitting a plan in this regard; lease plan in london must have the following:

  • Land Registry Compliant Lease plans which is drawn following the scales; preferred scales are 1:100 & 1:200
  • A detailed location plans with scales i.e. 1: 1250 or 1: 12500
  • Plan showing a north point
  • Plan must show sufficient detail in order to identified on the ordnance survey map
  • Must show any land that is associated with the property; it includes paths, gardens, and garages
  • It must clearly indicate the individual parts of the property, i.e. parking, house, bin areas, and garden, etc
  • Clearly identify the varying floor levels wherever they are required
  • Its general location must be shown. It is done by showing the road junctions, roads themselves and other such landmarks
  • Communal areas, demised areas, and external demised areas must be identified by coloring, edging, or hatching
  • A plan key and scale bar must be shown
  • Buildings must be shown in their intended and correct positions
  • Show measurements corresponding to the scaled measurements
  • Intricate boundaries must be shown with inset plan or larger scale
  • It must not be marked for identification purposes only


Residential & Commercial Lease Plan in London

We are specialist in residential & commercial Land Registry Compliant Lease plans covering London and surrounding counties. All this clearly shows that it is all technical work in AUTOCAD software and our turn over times is within 24-48 hours. If one wants its Land Registry Lease Plan to be accepted, one has to rely on professional lease plan services in this regards and Smart Property Service can be helpful for you. All what you need to do is to access their official site (www.theleasefloorplan.co.uk) and see how they can be helpful to you. You may feel free to call us on 01442-939006 or 07860540077 or write an email at info@smartpropertyservice.co.uk and ask your questions. They are a team of professionals who excel in providing facilitation to the customers at their best for Land Registry Lease Plan.

Residential Lease Plan

From £175 No VAT & including site survey

Multiple Residential Lease Plans

From £149 No VAT & including site survey

Commercial Lease Plan

From £250 No VAT & including site survey

Multiple Commercial Lease Plan

From £200 No VAT & including site survey

DIY Lease Plan

From £99 No VAT & excluding site survey

HMO License Floor Plan

From £175 No VAT & including site survey

Alcohol Licensing Floor Plan

From £175 No VAT & including site survey

Fire Safety Floor Plan

From £175 No VAT & including site survey

Contact us Smart Property Service Ltd on 07860540077 for accurate costing.

Note: Above pricing is up to 1000 sq ft and additional charges will be apply for above with the rate of 10p per sq ft

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Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan
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Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan
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