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Schedule of Condition in London

What is a Schedule of Condition in London?

A schedule of condition is a particular recording of the condition of the premises at lease commencement and is appended to the lease, but it is not compulsory to have one, tenants taking on a lease on full repairing terms but without any professionally composed schedule can risk future dilapidations claims and liabilities at lease expiry. It keeps a detailed record of an individual’s property’s condition which can be used in the future to generate the previous condition of the premises and helps protect you in many ways. It can be prepared for either Residential or Commercial properties. Schedule of the condition in London is an expensive and time taking activity that can take tenants away from their core business and involve them in lengthy negotiations.

Schedule of Condition in London:

The survey involves within a Lease to limit the Tenant’s repairing obligations to the condition of the property at Lease commencement. This survey is often prepared in a simple format, depending primarily on photographs, and is known as a Photographic Schedule of Condition. Photographic schedules of the condition also have some limitations in that they depend on the visuals present in the photograph. But there are also some conditions when it’s not limited.

Schedule of condition report:

It gathers the complete record condition of the building photographic and text schedule of condition in London is highly recommended, known as a Full Schedule of Condition Report. This survey includes a general description of a property, a detailed schedule that would document the form of construction and condition and is supported by photographs to provide evidence which contain all the information about the building such as defective parts and other needed information.

Schedule of conditions report perform many functions such as inclusion into a Party Wall Award to document the condition of a neighboring property before works progress. It is factually a record of the condition of the building to be appended to an Agreement, while also protecting you in several ways against the Dilapidation. But it is also often confused between a Schedule of Dilapidations and a Schedule of Condition in London which is totally against the context because Schedule of Dilapidations is prepared during or at the end of the Lease to show the breaches in a Lease Agreement schedule of condition is purely a record of the property.

Schedule of Condition Survey:

Schedule of Condition survey must be prepared at commencement of the lease, as it may be difficult to protect against false claims. An individual should always stay in contact with the Surveyor in case of any issue at the property which helps resolve the issue when they are carrying out the Schedule of Condition in London.


The Schedule of condition survey will record the condition of a property before the lease and will identify any existing defects and their repair costs are identified before the lease is signed, it also saves the cost of the surveyor’s fees at the commencement of the lease. That’s why it is highly recommended now you can collect all the information about your property and building by a survey where you will be provided with all details. High-quality and efficient reports are provided to you.

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