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Selective Licensing Floor Plan

Selective Licensing

Selective licensing is a rule made by local authorities or governments to control how people rent out homes in certain places. The aim is to solve problems like bad living conditions, people causing trouble, and issues with how properties are managed.

Under selective licensing, landlords need to get a special permit from the local authority to rent out their property in the specified area. To get the permit, landlords usually have to meet certain requirements and follow specific rules set by the local authority. These requirements may include things like keeping the property in good condition, having good management practices, and being a suitable person to be a landlord.

Smart Property Service Ltd have designed numerous Selective Licensing Floor Plans since 2021 and help many owners to achieved the Seelctive Licenses.

What is Selective Licensing Floor Plan?

Selective licensing floor plan requirements can vary depending on the specific regulations set by the local authority or municipality implementing the policy. It is essential to consult the local authority in your area to obtain accurate and up-to-date information on the floor plan requirements for selective licensing. However, here are some aspects that may be considered in selective licensing floor plan requirements:

  1. Room dimensions: The floor plan may require accurate measurements of each room, including bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and other relevant spaces. Minimum size requirements may be specified for each room to ensure adequate living space for tenants.

  2. Room designations: The floor plan should clearly label and identify each room according to its purpose, such as bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc. This helps to establish the layout and function of each space within the property.

  3. Windows and natural light: The floor plan may require the placement and dimensions of windows to be indicated. Sufficient natural light is important for habitable living conditions, and the floor plan should reflect the provision of windows in each room.

  4. Fire safety measures: The floor plan may need to include the location of fire safety equipment, such as fire exits, fire alarms, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers. Compliance with fire safety regulations is crucial to ensure the safety of tenants.

  5. Amenities and facilities: The floor plan should illustrate the placement and arrangement of essential amenities and facilities, including bathrooms, toilets, sinks, showers, and kitchen appliances. It should demonstrate that the property provides the necessary facilities for tenants’ daily needs.

  6. Accessibility considerations: Depending on the local requirements, the floor plan may need to address accessibility standards. This could involve features like wheelchair ramps, wider doorways, or accessible bathroom facilities to accommodate individuals with disabilities.

Please note that the specific requirements for floor plans in selective licensing can vary significantly depending on the local authority’s regulations. It is advisable to consult the local authority or relevant governing body in your area to obtain precise information on the floor plan requirements for selective licensing.

London Selective Licensing

Selective Licensing focuses on the administration of privately rented buildings in a designated area, aiming to address various issues such as housing demand, property condition, antisocial behavior, migration, deprivation, and crime. Introduced in 2006, this initiative aims to revitalize neighborhoods by enhancing landlords’ property management practices.

Floor Plan for Selective Licensing

Under Selective Licensing, local councils have the authority to assess whether a landlord is a “fit and proper person” to hold a rental property. They can also impose specific conditions related to property management and safety requirements.

Application Process

To apply for a Selective License, you can conveniently use our online portal for property licensing. During the application process, make sure you have the following information readily available:

  • Complete contact details of the prospective license holder, whether an individual or organization.
  • Birthdate of the potential license holder (for individuals) as UK-based individuals are eligible for licenses.
  • Information on individuals or groups associated with the property, including freeholders, leaseholders, managing agents, and mortgage providers.
  • Email addresses or phone numbers of all interested parties.
  • Details about the property’s construction, room measurements (in square meters), and amenities.
  • Information on health and safety precautions, including the location of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Payment card information for processing fees.

Additionally, you’ll need to provide the following documentation:

  • Gas safety certificate.
  • Electrical installation condition report.
  • Energy performance certificate (if the property has a gas supply).

Applications are typically processed within 90 days, although during the first year of implementation, the timeframe may vary. In cases of severe or continuous non-compliance, the duration of a license may be shortened.

Licensing Conditions

Selective licenses come with specific conditions to ensure proper management of buildings and tenancies. Some requirements are legally mandated, while others are tailored to address regional issues in the licensing areas. You can find detailed information about these conditions in the selective licensing terms document.

Why Choose Smart Properties?

At Smart Properties, we prioritize providing tenants with safe and well-managed housing options in the private rental sector. We aim to improve standards and offer the following benefits to communities:

  • Enhanced tenant health and well-being: Recognizing the significant impact of subpar housing quality on tenants’ health and well-being.
  • Improved management practices: Landlords who fail to obtain a property license or neglect their rental property may face prosecution, fines, or even property management takeover.
  • Reduced antisocial behavior: Landlords collaborate with us to address and minimize antisocial behavior in their properties, while tenants are made aware of how their conduct can affect their tenancy.

To explore our available planning packages, including property survey visits for license floor plans or providing us with the necessary information, please feel free to contact us via phone or email.

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Selective Licensing Floor Plan
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Selective licensing floor plan refers to a licensing scheme that applies to certain properties rented to one or two individuals/single family