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Site location plan

Site Location Plan

Site plan is one of the supporting documents that are required by the planning authority and Land Registry. It is included as a part of the planning application which shows the development location in more details. It can be in addition to the block plan or a site plan which enables to local authority to identify the location of land.

Location plan in London illustrates the following:

  • Should be scaled to fit either A4 or A3
  • Should be drawn into 1:1250 or 1:2500 scale
  • Clearly show buildings or roads on adjoining land
  • Boundaries of site in RED Colour.
  • North Arrow, date of map and copy right information.
  • Land that is necessary to carry out the proposed development (it must be outlined in red)
  • Other land owned by the developer close to or adjacent to the site under consideration (it must be outlined in blue)
  • It should be taken from Ordinance survey base
  • Showing adjoining numbers and names

Difference between location plan and site plan

A location plan is not same as site plan. Location plan specifically focuses on providing details of the development that is within the boundaries of site. Or it may have a block plan giving a wider illustration of immediate areas that surrounds the site.

What type of file is required to be submitted? A PDF file is required to be submitted if you are submitting the application via online planning portal. On the other hand, if paper copies of application are needed; you may order the PDF along with the paper copies.

It is significant to not print the PDF copy at your home. It is because every copy of the map needs to be licensed. You need to have the paper copies along with the map and make sure that you are using the licensed copies.

Site location plan must be designed following the rules and regulation of the local authorities. Feel free to contact us for Site location plan in London and surrounding area, see how we can facilitate you.   

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